fAnGFanG (•‿•) (msfangfang) wrote in addmetwitter,
fAnGFanG (•‿•)

Hi Everyone :)

Hello Tweeters! Let's be friends. You can add me here @msfangfang

First let me brief about myself:
I'm a graphic designer. A big fans of Law of Attraction, peace lover, and I love to feel! I'm proud to be an art student, and I always love to post about what's a feeling for being a designer. I retweet best quotes that I think to inspire myself and the others, and I tweet about my life too. Oh ya I'm also a dreamer :)

My twitter is a protected account, please direct message me about yourself before you request to follow me ya :D

If you like to, you may also ℱℴℓℓℴω me on Instagram: msfangfangfang
I don't claim myself a photographer but a photo enthusiast. I love to try everything about photography ;)

Thanks for reading my post! I hope we can be friends now.
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