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find out how a kid escaped from satellites at theme park [08/29/16]

[ mood | aggravated ]

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the motor club of america dynasty training intro video [01/23/16]

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Summer breeze at Karaka [10/17/14]

The best decision you can make, rather than waiting for a bus or a taxi to go into
the Old Town, is to take a panoramic cruise with Karaka! Avoid terrible traffic
jams on a hot summer’s day.

Join us on a cruise and enjoy panorama views of port Gruž, Dubrovnik bridge,
Daksa island (and Elafiti islands in the distance), Lapad peninsula, Dubrovnik
coastline to the Old Town walls and Lokrum island, with the cruise finishing in
the Old Town port. The Panorama cruise is also organized, for after dinner, with
departure from the Old Town for arrival to port Gruž.
See more at
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Karaka time machine- Friday- 17.October 2014.. [10/16/14]

Do not miss it !
Karaka time machine- Friday- 17.October 2014.
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Hi Everyone :) [06/29/14]

Hello Tweeters! Let's be friends. You can add me here @msfangfang

First let me brief about myself:
I'm a graphic designer. A big fans of Law of Attraction, peace lover, and I love to feel! I'm proud to be an art student, and I always love to post about what's a feeling for being a designer. I retweet best quotes that I think to inspire myself and the others, and I tweet about my life too. Oh ya I'm also a dreamer :)

My twitter is a protected account, please direct message me about yourself before you request to follow me ya :D

If you like to, you may also ℱℴℓℓℴω me on Instagram: msfangfangfang
I don't claim myself a photographer but a photo enthusiast. I love to try everything about photography ;)

Thanks for reading my post! I hope we can be friends now.
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Hello there! I'm Diana and I write Movie Reviews on twitter :))

PLEASE feel free to add me and I add you back ;) <3


See ya!
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I just post random. it's twitter. isn't that what it's for? let me know and I'll add back.

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newbie here , mind to be my friends ? ^^ [08/19/13]

the name cindy , i'm just an ordinary girl , easygoing and friendly ^^
just want to have many friends around the world .

follow me @CindyAnggelina_ and just have some chats . mention me and i will reply xD

let's be friends !! ^o^b
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@Lynneeuh [08/06/13]
I'm friendly so feel free to talk to message me on twitter. :) 18 years old. I tweet lyrics and everyday things. I follow back!
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I post lyrics, random posts, book reviews, daily thoughts, quotes...and a bunch of other things. My twitter is private but I will add anyone back.
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Add me and I will add you back! These are the two twitter accounts I run:

This is the twitter account for an award-winning non-profit theatre company from South West England, specialsing in historical-theme theatre shows. Starting in May we will be doing Les Miserables.

This is my personal Twitter account, as a professional performer (actress model sword-dancer) and director in my own right.
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hello to all [03/10/13]

the name's geo
22 years young.
im not gonna bother writing a mini bio because most likely YOU WONT READ IT haha

so ill just leave my twitter handle @tecasse
and i shall follow back :3
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Some people would call me a troubled person. I am thirty years-old but i don't really act my age at all. I am still very childish , and have outbursts a lot. I tend to misunderstand what people are saying a a lot too. I am looking for new friends and support group. Most of my friends from the past few years, just are not on-line that much anymore. A lot of things could be said about me but I am not a horrible person. Yes, I have made plenty of mistakes in the past but I am trying got do my best and move on. I do enjoy writing, but I am for the most part stuck on things. I am very talkative if I grow attach to you and we share a common bond. I am looking for life long friends and hope to get to know some of you soon.
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add me! @psy_ence [01/13/13]

Currently living in the UK, I tweet mainly about science, art and photography.

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Add Me!!! [12/13/12]


Kaily, 24, California
I tweet about work, life, fandoms, and more.
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Postcard-horder. [12/09/12]


28 year old woman.
Working toward a PhD in Psychology.
Music is intregal to everything in my life.
I collect postcards & post photos of them/their messages.
California || Colorado || Around the world
Trust me, I travel.

Some tweets:
Willing something to happen isn't going to cut it. You have to get out there, move and shake, and make things happen. Enrich your life.

I bet one of the most awkward names to shout during sex is Chester. It has to sound like you're calling for your lost dog. #awkward

"I should just marry you one day. If I could only convince you to turn full-blown lesbian." - Angela (the #textoftheyear I've had so far.)

8 yr old nephew "I want to be @gaslightanthem 4 Halloween next yr." I ask which band member. Kid looked @ me like I'm stupid "All of them."
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i just joined twitter about two minutes ago and i want to get to know people! i currently have like no followers and look like a total creep. um i'm sort of funny sometimes and i watch a lot of movies. i'll follow you back and we can BOND

https://twitter.com/lattebubble you know you want to
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Newcomer [07/22/12]

I never thought I'd see the day when I made a Twitter, but I have and I'm kinda in love with it. My tweets are on the humorous side, but I have to warn you guys, it's the least filtered of all my social media accounts. That's part of the reason I love it so much. It's not the story-telling of LJ or pretending I give a crap of Facebook. It's where I can put my most random, crude, ridiculous blurbs of absolutely nothing.

So that's what I do.

Check me out. If you're interested, go ahead and follow me. I'll be sure to follow back.

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Hey, my name's Alyssa. I'm 23 and residing in Brooklyn, NY, born and raised. I tweet about nonsense, check me out here; http://twitter.com/prfctlyabnrmal .  If you'd like to follow me, I will follow ya back. I don't really have many people to interact with on there, so if you're the interactin' type, that would be awesome.
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