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28 year old woman.
Working toward a PhD in Psychology.
Music is intregal to everything in my life.
I collect postcards & post photos of them/their messages.
California || Colorado || Around the world
Trust me, I travel.

Some tweets:
Willing something to happen isn't going to cut it. You have to get out there, move and shake, and make things happen. Enrich your life.

I bet one of the most awkward names to shout during sex is Chester. It has to sound like you're calling for your lost dog. #awkward

"I should just marry you one day. If I could only convince you to turn full-blown lesbian." - Angela (the #textoftheyear I've had so far.)

8 yr old nephew "I want to be @gaslightanthem 4 Halloween next yr." I ask which band member. Kid looked @ me like I'm stupid "All of them."
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